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Forever family: Midland, Texas, family adopts 'miracle' baby

When it comes to foster care and adoption, Buckner serves the most vulnerable of the vulnerable – children. Perhaps no child has been more vulnerable than Anibella.
She spent the first three months of her life in the neonatal intensive care unit with no one but doctors and nurses to care for her. She was failure to thrive, but not for a medical reason. She needed a family to care for her.
For her and her sister, Abigail, that family is the West family. Bonnie spent several nights with Anibella in the hospital, guiding her to health. They became the girls’ foster parents, and on Nov. 9, they officially became forever family as the Wests adopted the twins.
“She needed a person to say, ‘You are worth it. I am here. Let’s do this,’” Bonnie said. “She has been thriving since then.”
The vulnerability of these girls is reminder of how many children in Texas are available for foster care and adoption, said Tyler West.
“Where’s the next baby in the NICU? There’s always the next baby that has been abandoned or available for placement that somebody has to say yes to. Whether that’s us or somebody else, someone has to say yes to these babies.”
The decision to become foster parents is one the Wests will cherish for the rest of their lives.
“God taught me so clearly: I am not only enough, but I will fill you with more joy than you would have ever experienced if you had chosen your comfort,” Bonnie said. “It does call you out of your comfort zone. I thought that was a bad thing. But it’s the best thing that’s ever happened to us.”
Learn how you can help orphans and vulnerable children through foster care and adoption at https://www.buckner.org/foster-care-adoption.


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