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Buckner Foster Care Heals Scars

Some scars never heal. They may be scars no one sees or knows about. But others are there, visible for everyone to see. When we see someone badly scarred, we wonder what happened. What is that person’s story?

Meet Rebecca Rosengren, a lifelong testimony of Buckner Foster Care. In 1992, she survived a horrible house fire that left burns over 75 percent of her little body. Scars from dozens of surgeries covered her arms, legs and part of her head, leaving only a tiny tuft of hair.

When Rebecca left the hospital, she moved into a Buckner foster home, where she received the kind of loving care that allowed her to heal, both inside and out. Her Buckner foster parents, Judy and Stephen Foster, spent months nursing Rebecca through painful, often gruesome therapy.

Soon after, Rebecca was adopted by Sidney Rosengren, her hospital nurse, through the foster-to-adopt program.

Today at age 23, Rebecca has graduated from the Oklahoma School for the Deaf and lives in her own
apartment. Though her outward scars are still visible, her inner scars have healed. She is a wonderful example of the power and the importance of Buckner Foster Care.

We’re still healing children’s scars.

This year, Buckner will care for more than 750 children through our foster care ministries. But there are more children who need help. Each year, more than 800,000 children in the United States are removed from their homes due to abuse and neglect. These children are innocent victims.

Buckner is committed to supporting loving families who welcome foster children into their homes. But we can't do it without the financial gifts of others. It doesn’t cost a lot – and the returns are priceless.

Click here to give a loving home to a child in foster care.

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