Foster care: The faith to foster

We’ve heard the stories. We know that being a foster parent can break your heart — and probably more than once. It’s about caring for children from broken situations after all. But how can God use our brokenness to bring healing? And what role does our faith play in moving us to make the leap to meet this need even when it’s scary?

In celebration of National Foster Care Month, tune into the new Buckner podcast series to hear foster care and adoption author and advocate Jason Johnson share from his own experiences as a former pastor who clearly remembers the moment when he “actually understood the need” for foster parents in his community. Spoiler alert: It changed his life (and sense of calling) from that day forward. 

Be encouraged as Jason reminds us that the work of Jesus on our behalf is what will motivate us in the beginning, sustain us in the middle and give glory to God in the end, as we seek to serve the most vulnerable — those he holds so very dear.

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