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Four ways to discuss Easter with your family

Engage your children with age-appropriate crafts and conversations

Every Easter, we have the opportunity to celebrate how Christ died and was resurrected from the grave to save us from death as sinners. As adults, we know and understand the gruesome reality of what Jesus endured on the cross, but death and life may be hard topics to share with your children.
Most importantly, children need to know at the core of the Easter message is the unwavering love of Christ. Love is what prompted Jesus to take our place on the cross so we could spend eternity with him.
As a parent, guardian or loved one, you can determine the readiness of your child to hear the detailed Easter story. No matter how you tell the story, remember to focus on the hope of the resurrection and the theme of love that runs throughout the truth of Easter. 

Here are four age-appropriate ideas to help you talk about the Easter story with your child.

Read the Easter story and discuss it as a family

Read the Bible story togetherPreschool: Read the story from your child’s favorite Bible. Have your little ones follow along with the photos and leave lots of time to answer any questions they may have.
Middle school and high school: Read from Luke 22-24 and John 17-20. If you want to break up the readings, read a portion of the story each day leading up to Easter. Take time to discuss the story with your teenagers and give them freedom to ask questions.

Watch a movie or show together

Watch a movie togetherPreschool: VeggieTales: An Easter Carol
Middle school: The Lion of Judah
High School: The Passion of the Christ, The Chosen, Son of God
Watching a TV series together is a great way to spend the week leading up to Easter as you follow Jesus’ journey to the cross. After watching a movie or show, discuss the themes shown ask your children what stood out to them.

Enjoy a craft and conversation

Easter craft

Discuss what the cross means and how Jesus’ sacrifice displayed his love for each one of us while creating a Cross Craft. Grab paper, tape and coloring markers or crayons. Create the shape of the cross on the paper using the tape and then your kiddos can color the rest of the paper. Remove the tape to reveal the cross – just like Jesus removing our sins! 

Talk through the Easter story in the kitchen 

resurrection rolls

Making Resurrection Rolls is a great way to engage your children with the Easter story in a fun and memorable way. Each crescent roll is stuffed with a marshmallow before baking – once baked, it disappears. The marshmallow vanishing from the bread is a great picture of the way Jesus rose from the tomb. 

No matter how you choose to celebrate this year, we hope you're able to enjoy time as a family and to remember together the sacrifice Jesus made for us. We pray this Easter is a special time for you and your loved ones.

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