Friday photo: Buckner Mexico celebrates 10th Anniversary

Albert Reyes, president and CEO of Buckner International, praised Buckner Mexico for its 10 years of service to vulnerable children and their families during a celebration last week in Oaxaca, Mexico. Since the NGO's founding in 2008, it has served more than 123,000 people through aid, residential care for children, health programs and Family Hope Centers.

Reyes spoke to more than 120 Mexican supporters at the gala held at the Quinta Real Hotel and said Buckner Mexico is "shining hope to the most vulnerable families in Mexico." 

Juan Carlos Millán, Buckner Mexico director, echoed Reyes. 

"Be excellent," he said. "We always have to be excellent because the people we serve need us to be. It's what we encourage them to do as well. We tell them you can change toward excellence."

The president of Oaxaca attended the dinner and local entertainer Ana Diaz gave a post-dinner performance. 


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