Friday photo: Forever Christmas gift

On Dec. 22, the McCarthy family grew by two when they adopted 2-year-old Ashlyn and her 1-year-old sister Addison in Lubbock, Texas. In five years of doing foster care, David and April McCarthy have had 15 foster children stay in their home — all of them boys. In addition to the girls, they have three biological sons and five sons adopted through foster care.

"We're so excited," April said. "Their adoption was a perfect Christmas gift for us."

Ashlyn and Addison first came to the McCarthy's home one year ago, shortly after Addison was born. Addison suffered from a brain injury at birth and has cerebral palsy and though caring for a child with special needs can be challenging at times, David and April see it as a privilege. 

"It's been suprising," April said. "They're called special needs because they are special. They just touch your heart in a special way I would have never imagined." 

"She's an amazing little girl," David added. "Our miracle baby." 

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