Friday photo: Jobs For Life

Thursday, Buckner President and CEO Albert L. Reyes shared his family testimony during the new Jobs For Life class led by the Buckner Family Hope Center at Bachman Lake in Dallas. Part of his testimony is the role his parents played in encouraging him in school and in growing in his faith. They have always been there for him.

Near the end of his time, Reyes teared up slightly when he mentioned that his father recently died. It set off a chain reaction of class members sharing their experiences with losing their loved ones. Napkins were passed around to dry the tears that dotted faces around the room. One young mother thanked Reyes for sharing his story and asked how he had the strength to continue working as he is.

He paused in a moment of reflection, then responded. He pushes forward because that's what his father would want him to do. His father would want him to continue serving the vulnerable. Then Reyes continued: "I have the strength to do this because of a relationship with Christ." Christ gives all of us strength and hope.


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