Friday photo: LeTourneau University nursing students shine hope in Dominican Republic

Robert Greenleaf, who founded the modern servant leadership movement, once said: "Good leaders must first become good servants.” Changing the world requires investing energy and resources into others. That’s a sacrifice a group of LeTourneau University nursing students recently happily took.

They went on a mission trip to the Dominican Republic through Buckner International, where they partnered with local doctors in leading medical clinics and taught basic First Aid and CPR to Buckner Dominica staff members. The students provided practical help to hundreds of vulnerable children and families, helping them stay healthy. Their service also served as a reminder of how much God loves them. 

God gifts each of his followers differently. He then asks them to use those gifts in such a way that glorifies him. That’s how leaders are made — by first being servants of others. Find out how you can use your gifts for that purpose by going on a mission trip through Buckner by visiting


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