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Friday Photo: More than building a house

For the past several years, Woman's Missionary Union of Texas has "gotten their nails done" in Peñitas, Texas, through Buckner Missions. It's may not be as glamorous as an expensive day spa, but it's way more rewarding.

Two teams of ladies are building a home for a family in Peñitas who have earned points to be eligible for such a project by taking classes at the local Buckner Family Hope Center as well as volunteering there. In the process, the family has grown stronger and are more equipped to succeed in life. Much of the time, the family is working alongside WMU of Texas volunteers.

As you can see in the photo above, the mission teams are doing far more than building a home. They're building relationships with this family. They've gotten to know them deeply. They've prayed together. They've sweated together. Together, they're committed to the family succeeding.

Such building efforts help families acheive in a short period what would normally take 10 years or more. By partnering with Buckner, WMU of Texas is protecting children by making sure they have a safe place to live and strengthening families by helping them acheive their dreams.

Thank you, WMU of Texas, for all you're doing for the vulnerable in Texas with Buckner!

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