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Friday photo: Robinson Chirinos plays baseball with children Buckner serves

It was a summer to remember for children involved in Buckner programs when they took the field and met Texas Rangers catcher Robinson Chirinos at a baseball clinic he led for the children and families Buckner serves at the Buckner Family Hope Center at Bachman Lake in Dallas

For several hours, the children were able to play alongside Chirinos as he gave them pointers on catching, throwing and hitting a baseball. 

"Playing baseball with Robinson Chirinos was fun. We had a great time playing," said Jorge Martinez, 13. "He taught me how to stand when batting and how to catch in the air."

Additionally, Chirinos told his encouraging story about his baseball career, shared his testimony and took time to answer all the questions the children asked him.

"I learned how to play baseball. I had so much fun and learned something new," said Natalia Dominguez, 10. "My favorite part of today was him talking about himself and me meeting him."

"It's a blessing to have him here," said Ricardo Brambila, director of the Family Hope Center at Bachman Lake. "Because we know he is going to encourage our youth, encourage our children, to be a role model for them. We know the words of Chirinos will make an impact on their lives."

To see more photos of the baseball clinic, click on the gallery below. 

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