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Friday photo: Volunteering at Shoes for Orphan Souls®

Dwayne Weeks has been an active volunteer with Buckner Shoes for Orphan Souls® for a year.

“Volunteering is my priority every Tuesday and Wednesday of every week,” Dwayne said. “I really believe this is the word of God. Two days a week, I get to go out and bless the orphans, widows and the poor.”

Dwayne’s favorite part of volunteering with Shoes for Orphan Souls is not just fulfilling the will of God, but also all the people he gets to meet along the way.

“My favorite thing about volunteering is the people here,” Dwayne said. “Everyone is always so upbeat, so engaged – and they understand what they’re doing and the purpose.”

For the last year, Dwayne has joyfully sorted and packed up shoes, knowing they were being delievered to vulnerable children around the world. This summer, he decided to be part of the team distributing the shoes. He joined a Shoes for Orphan Souls mission trip to the Dominican Republic, where he washed children's feet and helped them try on brand new pairs of shoes.  

"It was so rewarding to see the children receive shoes," Dwayne said. "Now when volunteers come in, I can speak to them about why this is good and what they're exactly doing with the shoes. I can tell them what I have personally seen and experienced and show them what their work here is doing." 

Written by Odufa Atsegbua, a summer intern with Buckner Communications. 

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