God delivers perfect construction supplies at perfect time

PEÑITAS, Texas – God’s blessings are always perfect in timing and amount.

As the Buckner National Missions staff prepared for another busy season of ministry, a truckload of shingles recently was delivered to Buckner National Missions from World Vision.

After the team members unloaded the 16 pallets of shingles, they stood back and smiled in amazement. The delivery was enough for 13.8 new roofs – roughly equal to the 13 new homes Buckner National Missions aims to construct this year.

“You can’t make this stuff up,” said Matt Asato, Buckner senior director of ministry engagement. “God is in all things. I think you need to do due diligence in your work, and he’ll honor. It shouldn’t surprise you when he does it, but it does.”

The shingles are the first delivery in a relationship between World Vision and Buckner International. They will be used to build up people as well as construct homes.

“The outcome for us on a home build is to eliminate the physical ailments that come with a poorly-built home or no home,” Asato said. “It also provides security and healthy living arrangements as well as builds self-esteem. People gain confidence. They believe they can do more and want to do more.”

For more information about opportunities to serve in the Rio Grande Valley, visit buckner.org/missions.


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