Growing families

Clay* and Sharon* Vitano were licensed with Buckner as a foster-to-adopt family but later decided they only wanted to adopt. As an adopt-only provider, the family had to be transferred from the Buckner Beaumont home developer to another worker in a satellite office. It was a process that ultimately took four months to complete.

In the meantime, two young children who were placed in one of Buckner’s foster care homes two years ago were transitioning to an adoptive home after their parent’s rights were terminated. The children’s therapist was aware of the Vitano family and encouraged their Child Protective Services' worker to reach out to Buckner and inquire about the family.

The Vitano family went through the necessary selection process for consideration of an adoptive placement. Soon after, the two children were placed in their home in preparation for adoption. At the recent Foster Parent Appreciation brunch hosted by Buckner foster care staff, the children had the opportunity to visit with their previous foster family. The Vitano family and the Buckner foster family now have developed a deep relationship which provides continuity in the lives of these precious little ones. Annual events like this provide unique opportunities for foster and adoptive families to meet new people and develop and strengthen their support system, as well as have time with familiar faces who share a unique experience with their children.


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