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Guatemalan Orphan Finds Home

By Analiz G. Schremmer

(DALLAS, Texas)—More than two years after the adoption process started, Juan Pablo finally came home with his family.

On December 9, the 7-year-old bounded into the Dallas/Fort Worth Airport to meet his new mother’s grandparents and join up with old friends, Karen Perry and Margaret Johnson, before getting back in a plane that would take them all the way to Indiana.

The story began in October of 2005, when John and Emily Wiggins went on a Buckner mission trip to Guatemala.

“When they came back, they made a choice to adopt and then God put it in their hearts to provide a home for Juan Pablo,” said Anyra Cano, Buckner staff member who guided them through the international adoption process.

The couple started the process shortly before adoptions in Guatemala closed. They were one of the few families allowed to complete the process over time -- but not without a number of challenges.

“This couple is faithful. It’s the best way to describe them," Cano said. "They were flying back and forth to Guatemala every three to four months and it wasn’t just for Juan Pablo; it was to visit with all the children who had lived with him in the home. They are faithful to God and they are faithful to this little boy — to all the children.”

When Juan Pablo was an infant, he survived an explosion in his home. His mother was unable to care for him, and left him at the hospital.

Now Emily Wiggins is also expecting a baby and Emily said they are both very grateful to be blessed with two children.

Cano said the couple serves as an example of how people can have an impact.

"They are not millionaires, just a working-class couple," she said, "but God has provided for them to go on all these trips and He provided what they needed to adopt Juan Pablo.”


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