Happy Father's Day!

Involved fathers are key to building strong families. That’s why many Buckner Family Hope Centers have specific ministries where fathers gather to learn from each other and from experienced mentors. It’s amazing to see how much these men want to be great fathers and are willing to work for it. They want it so much, there’s a waiting list for the fatherhood classes at the Hope Center in Peñitas, Texas, and growing interest in several other locations. 
As these men become better fathers, their families notice the difference. They see how the dads are more involved in the family’s life, how fathers are more supportive of their wives and children and how much more joy they have. The family is transformed because the dad has been transformed.
This Father’s Day, we honor these fathers for their commitment to their families. May they — and every father served through Buckner ministries — be blessed abundantly this weekend. 


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