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Mother Finds Help for Body and Soul

Recently, a distraught mother walked into the Buckner Mission Center in Longview. As a staff member named Noemy helped her select clothes for her five children, she began to share the pain in her heart.

Her 14-year-old daughter was pregnant. This mother felt scared and lost—and she was angry at both her daughter and at God.

A listening earNoemy listened as this mother poured out her feelings.

“I let her talk and allowed her to vent,” Noemy said.

The woman explained how her reaction to the pregnancy had created a rift between her and her daughter.

"I sensed this was an opportunity from God," Noemy said. "I explained that sometimes our children make poor decisions."

"She was mad at God, but I felt the very thing she needed was God’s special touch," Noemy said. "I told her, ‘I can't let you leave like this. Would you like me to pray for you?’ She said yes, so I prayed for peace over her heart and life. She thanked me and left."

Thankful heart

"A few days later, I saw her with her daughter at a school activity," Noemy said. "She approached me and said, 'Thank you for listening to me, and for taking the time to pray with me!' She then began asking questions about what church I attended."

“This experience reminded me that we’re not only meeting physical needs at Buckner,” Noemy said. “We are here to minister to people’s souls whenever the Holy Spirit leads.”

The healing love of God is at work through Buckner.

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