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“I think it was one of the best things I could have done,” Rocio Donjuan said about joining the youth leadership class at the Buckner Family Hope Center at Bachman Lake. “It taught me how to become a leader, which is very important, it taught me how to become more myself, and become more confident in who I am.”

When Rocio enrolled in the youth leadership class at the Family Hope Center at Bachman Lake she had no idea it would have such an impact on her future. Buckner had previously been a part of the Donjuan family’s life after Virginia, Rocio’s mother, heard about the Family Hope Center through the elementary school her children attended. Virginia joined the parenting class Buckner offered at the elementary school in 2017.

After learning of other classes Buckner offered, Virginia enrolled herself and Rocio’s father, Francisco, in the business and transformational planning courses. Through this class Rocio’s parents were able to open a successful party equipment rental business that had a huge positive impact on the whole family, including buying a house and moving into a better neighborhood. 

After completing the youth leadership class, Rocio took all that she learned, paired it with the mentorship and guidance from the Family Hope Center staff and became the first in her family to receive a driver’s license.

A year ago, she became the first in her family to enroll in college, her dream since she was young. Rocio just entered her second year of school at El Centro College, pursuing a degree in nursing. While in school she also holds a part-time job, helps her family and dreams of one day becoming a nurse practitioner. 

To her five younger siblings following behind her, Rocio shares the advice:

“Whenever you have something in your mind, always go for it. Don’t look back, look forward. There will be many obstacles, not everything is easy. At times you’ll feel down like you can’t do it, but it’s possible if you dedicate yourself and work hard. You can get there.” 

Rocio embodies hope. 

Today is North Texas Giving Day and with your help, we can build a center of hope where vulnerable families like the Donjuans can take part in educational programs such as financial empowerment and job skills classes, as well as gain access to counseling, aid, family coaching and more so they can reach their full potential. 

Join us in providing hope at the Buckner Family Hope Center at Bachman Lake.

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