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Helping Hands: Creating strong families in Midland, Texas

Each year, KOSA CBS7 selects 14 local nonprofits to highlight in its Helping Hands Initiative. Their goal is to help those who help the community by providing their viewers with a better idea of what each nonprofit does and how the community can sign up to volunteer.
The initiative is timed with the beginning of the year in order to help people who made a New Year’s resolution to “be more active in the community, to give back, or to spend some of your time touching other people’s lives this year…”

This year, Buckner Children and Family Services in Midland, Texas, was chosen as one of the nonprofits featured in KOSA CBS7's Helping Hands Initative. 

Buckner Midland is a small community to provide an environment where single moms, down on their luck, can succeed with their children in the Buckner Family Pathways program. This is a program that focuses on higher education and retaining the normalcy of family life, something that has led to spectacular stories according to Buckner Midland's Executive Director Patrica Acosta.

"There was a mom that completed a program and she became a police officer. There's another mom that graduated, earned her bachelor's in business and actually came back and worked with us," said Acosta.

But that's not all. For children without a family, this community at Buckner Midland also represents a chance to continue growing in a family environment so that one day they can be reunited with their family, or find a foster family that will love them and continues to allow them to strive towards success.

Read more about how Buckner Midland is building strong families on KOSA CBS7.

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