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Helping single mothers is about more than helping single mothers

Being a single parent is difficult. It's a 24-7 job that relies on one person to be mom, dad, provider, counselor, disciplinarian and more all in one. The task can seem overwhelming. That's why Buckner is here with it's Family Pathways programs. 

The way Family Pathways serves single-parents and their families is indicative of the holistic nature of all Buckner ministries. Our staff goes above and beyond to be encouraging, empowering and available for those they serve. Staff walk alongside single parents, helping them reach their goals for every area of life.

Family Pathways provides a safe place for families to live, help with child care and a host of other services including counseling, coaching, mentorships and classes that create a support system that empowers vulnerable families to succeed. 

But ministering to families is about more than serving parents. It's about serving children as well, helping enjoy childhood and reach their God-given potential.

That's why opportunities like the recent Family Pathways weeklong camp at Camp Buckner are so special. Many of these families have experienced more in life than most of us ever will. They've pushed through difficult times, and possibilities lie open wide before them thanks to their determination and hard work.

For many of these families, Camp Buckner provides the only opportunity they would ever have at a weeklong camp experience. It's a chance to fish, experience the heights of a ropes course, explore nature and take a moment to relax. We often say Camp Buckner is "the place you'd rather be." For these families, it's the place where children can be children. Free of stress. Free of concern. Free of whatever weighs them down.

And when they experience that, children blossom. They smile when they arrive at camp and don't stop until well after they leave. The week is full of hugs and celebrations. And the families leave closer than ever before. 

It's made possible by friends of Buckner, who support the ministry financially and volunteer throughout the camp. You mean hope for these families. And your efforts last long beyond that week.

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