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Her name was Mary

Her name was Mary. The fire that took the lives of her family also left her terribly scarred, and when all of the other orphans ran to welcome “Father Buckner” back to the Buckner Orphans’ Home after a speaking engagement, Mary stood quietly apart.

Excited children surrounded R.C. Buckner, eager for his attention, but he quickly noticed the lonely little figure and moved to her side. “Mary, why didn’t you come to me?” he asked.

“Oh, Papa Buckner,” she said tearfully, “I could not ask you to touch me. I am so ugly. But if you will just love me like you love the other children, and tell me you love me, then you need not touch me at all.”

Immediately, R.C. Buckner gathered the little girl into his arms with a smile and traced the scars on her face again and again, telling her how precious she was to him.

One life at a time, the founder of Buckner International brought God’s unconditional love to thousands of orphans, the elderly and the poor. He knew that Christ died to save “the least of these,” and he chose to see young Mary’s face through Jesus’ eyes.

Today Father Buckner’s caring vision continues, thanks to compassionate supporters.

With your help, we are able to meet the “Marys” of the world right at their point of need — and create innovative solutions to poverty and pain, not “one-size-fits-all” programs. These range from kinship foster care in Africa to Family Hope Centers here at home where families create individual paths to financial stability.

Best of all, we share Jesus’ love to thousands of people every year. Just as I’m sure Mary saw a model of her Heavenly Father in Father Buckner’s love, the kindness of our supporters draws children and families closer to God, transforming their lives for eternity.

When you set out to change the world one life at a time, the impact adds up quickly. With God’s faithfulness and the help of many friends:

• Boys and girls find hope through Buckner foster care and adoption
• Children worldwide are protected from injury and disease with a new pair of shoes through Shoes for Orphan Souls®
• Men, women and teens receive educational and vocational training at a Buckner center to create a better future for themselves and their families
• Seniors find dignity and peace through Buckner Retirement Services

Your partnership with Buckner gives hope — from the beginning to the end of life — and so many are in need of hope today. Click here to give now.


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