50% off Registration for the Hope for Orphans Institute Conference

Hope for Orphans Institute is hosting a conference Sept. 16 and 17 at the Hope Center in Plano, Texas, on special needs and at-risk adoptions, adoption disruption and pre/post adoption support for families and children.

This conference is designed to equip and help orphan ministry leaders, families, pastors, counselors, social workers and advocates to better serve the increasing number of families adopting special needs, at-risk and older children.

Attendees will learn from leading experts on how to better serve these families at all stages of adoption (contemplating, in process or completed). Licensed social workers, counselors and Marriage and Family therapists can receive Continuing Education Units (CEU) credits.

Register online and get 50% off by entering the promo code BUCKNER.

You can find more information on their website.


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