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Holy Week Series: Redeemed and Reconstructed

Note: This series of Holy Week devotions is taken from Dr. Albert Reyes’ upcoming book, The Jesus Agenda: Becoming an Agent of Redemption. All devotionals are posted here.

Saturday, April 4: Redeemed and Reconstructed

Every person who has come to faith in Jesus has a story to tell. Before Jesus found you, you were an orphan, held in the space of dominion for evil. You were alone in a depraved world with no one to care for you. But then you came to faith in Jesus and everything changed.

When you realize how much you have been forgiven; when you consider the grace of God and the love he has shown you through the gift of his own son; when you reflect on the great sacrifice Jesus made on the cross to forgive you, to redeem you, to show God’s love for you, would do you not, in turn, have much to give? Whoever is forgiven much, loves much. This is your story of redemption.

Look at Psalm 139:13-16 and consider how God created you for a purpose. Consider how he knew all your days before you took one breath. Look at Jeremiah 33:1-3 and consider asking the Lord to show you how he wants to use you. Consider Jeremiah 29:11 and consider the plans the Lord has for you.

The best place to start is reconstructing your redemption story. Such a salvation calls for a response. We are saved to serve, redeemed for a purpose and bought with a price. We do not belong to ourselves and must not live to ourselves. We belong to the wider and broader story of redemption so tell your story.

How does your story begin? You may have to go back a generation. When did the gospel first come to your family? Where did your family first hear about Jesus? Who brought the good news to you? How did the story of God’s love come to you, through your family? What were the things that were intended to harm you? How did God reverse those events and turn them into good? What is the reason for your life? What is the purpose of your life? How is God taking what was intended to harm you and turning it now into good, even the redemption of others? How is the gospel going through you? How is God’s story of redemption activating all the gifts, abilities, potential, and plans for the Kingdom through your life? How are you becoming an agent of redemption? How are you becoming the hands and feet of Jesus?

Don’t stop with your story. Consider how to give of your time, your talent, and your treasure. After all, consider what Jesus gave for you.

Reflection: Today is the Silent Saturday of Easter, the day Jesus is in the tomb. On this day would you reflect on one or more of the questions in this devotional?

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