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Hope after tragedy: Houston child thrives at Family Hope Center following tragic loss of home and father

Everyone at the Buckner Family Hope Center at Reed Road in Houston knows Lloyd. As he walks up and down the halls, he makes people laugh and smile. He makes each day better. 


The young man quickly captured the heart of the South Houston Family Hope Center. He and his mother moved to the Star of Hope community after their home tragically burned down, killing Lloyd’s father and the family dog. They came to the Family Hope Center that’s on the Star of Hope campus looking for healing, help and hope.


When he first came, the 12-year-old was significantly behind in school. He couldn’t read and needed help in multiple subjects. He struggled to communicate.


Buckner helped Lloyd get into Yellowstone Academy, a private school that could help him. His teacher took a special interest in him and a mentor took him under his wing. Both spent extensive time with him during and after school to improve academically. Combined with help from Buckner, Lloyd has grown by leaps and bounds.


“God just orchestrated everything so beautifully,” says Carlena, his mom. “He brought everything together. I didn’t have a plan. I didn’t know, but Jeremiah 29:11 says God knows the plans. We might not, but he does.”


Lloyd’s now reading at a third grade level and growing in his abilities. He’s made significant progress in other subjects as well, particularly math. Around the Family Hope Center, he carries on conversations with the staff. He loves making people laugh.


“Lloyd is an amazing little boy,” Carlena says. “He’s full of wisdom and knowledge. You can hold a really good conversation with Lloyd when he’s ready and comfortable. He amazes me. I’m very proud of him.”

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Lloyd’s transformation extends beyond the classroom. His family is more stable. He and his mom are closer than ever before. Lloyd is unearthing his gifts and abilities each day. His future is bright.


“He has a future,” says Pam Czuba, adult empowerment coordinator at the Family Hope Center. “He has hope in everything. Hope in getting food on the table. Hope in being able to do something productive in society. Hope in being able to get into a school where somebody cares about him.”

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