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Houston churches help senior living community during harsh winter storm

Community supports senior adults with water and blankets

With historic low temperatures sweeping throughout the state of Texas, many cities have struggled with power outages and water shortages. Two churches in Houston wanted to ensure the senior adults at Buckner Parkway Place were provided for. 

Water and blankets help senior adults through winter storm

Tallowood Baptist Church delivered 115 cases of water to the senior living community. Church members and their families drove around Houston yesterday and this morning purchasing cases of water to bring to the senior adults at Parkway Place. 

Gateway Church Houston also brought 100 blankets to give to the seniors at Parkway Place. With the unusually frigid temperatures this winter storm has brought, the extra blankets are an appreciated extra degree of warmth during these cold days. 

Community coming together to help during difficult times

The act of kindness from Tallowood and Gateway members resulted from Houston’s water boil notice and outreach from Parkway Place chaplain and the senior director of church engagement to the churches. 

Parkway Place already had a 700 gallon emergency reserve of bottled water ready prior to the winter storm, which associates began distributing to more than 220 residents on Tuesday and Wednesday. With the length of the water boil notice unknown, the extra supply of water will help associates continue to keep residents safe and healthy. 

“We can’t thank the members of Tallowood Baptist Church and Gateway Church enough for their selflessness and dedication to supporting the seniors in our community,” said Abraham Mathew, executive director of Parkway Place. “While we feel confident in the resources we had onsite already, knowing that kind people are thinking about us and want to ensure our wellbeing during this difficult time has been uplifting for the residents and associates in our community.” 

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Peter Maxwell says:
Churches near Houston are really doing a great job in doing good things to help the communities they are based in! I pray for them and may they be blessed by the grace of God always!

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