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How self-love can transform an entire family

Single mom finds encouragement and stability through Buckner Family Pathways®

Alicia was facing life alone as a single mother of three. She had dreams of completing higher education, but it felt impossible while juggling everything else. Following her divorce, Alicia was determined to finish what she had started for herself and for her children. 
Alicia’s journey toward self-love is an inspiring example of how her pursuit of happiness created a ripple effect – forever altering the lives of those she cherishes most.
She took a chance on a friend who offered her and her children a place to stay, hoping for a foundation where she could create a new future for her family. But the situation quickly turned toxic. 
This was the cherry on top of the struggles Alicia faced: social anxiety and the preference for facing life alone, lacking confidence and missing the perspective of a healthy family dynamic.

One conversation opened the door to opportunity

But the day Alicia went to court to finalize her divorce changed her life forever. She met another mother facing similar adversity. During their conversation, the other mother received a phone call: it was from Buckner. 
“She then gave me the information to apply for Buckner Family Pathways® and reassured me it would be a good move,” Alicia shared. 
Two months later, Alicia was the newest member of Family Pathways in Dallas. The Family Pathways program offers support and encouragement through counseling, mentorship, child care and more to help parents overcome barriers in education, career prospects or life skills.
Graduating with honorsThe road to healing was a steep one but Alicia isn’t one to let up on chasing her dreams and achieving the best for her family. 
In her search to pursue her aspirations, Alicia discovered who she truly was – and fell in love with herself all over again. As a single parent, it’s challenging to find time to chase after your own dreams and understand who you are after becoming a parent.
“As the years unfolded, my selfless commitment to my children often left little room for personal growth or self-care,” she shared. “Yet deep within my heart, a yearning for something more lingered.”

Self-love inspires more love

But that newfound self-love she had rediscovered was not only impacting her life, but her children’s lives. 
Alicia with children“Adrianna, once reserved and unsure, blossomed into a confident young woman, inspired by my resilience. Josiah, who had struggled with self-esteem, found courage and embraced his individuality with pride. And Alanna, the youngest, began to the see the world through the lens of possibility and her bubbly personality shined bright,” Alicia shared with pride.
Family Pathways offered respite and support for Alicia, but also a safe place for the whole family to reconnect and embrace themselves after many challenges. Alicia’s family re-experienced the love they had for themselves and for each other.
And as she shares when it comes to love: “Love is a timeless force that weaves a beautiful tapestry of human connection. But to convey true love for others, you must start with love within yourself.”

Entering the future with assurance

Alicia graduated from Texas A&M Commerce in December with a bachelor’s degree in science and is in the process of purchasing a home for her family. 
“Since day one, Alicia has taken advantage of all that Family Pathways had to offer her and her children,” said Cynthia Rentie, Family Pathways director in Dallas. “To watch her transformation has been a blessing to witness. She came into the program feeling defeated and lost and today, she’s a confident and driven woman.”

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