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How writing a book can help your nonprofit succeed

Buckner president and CEO encourages nonprofits to share their stories to illustrate their impact on their communities

Buckner President and CEO, Albert Reyes, is a Forbes Council Member and originally wrote this article about writing a book for Forbes.  

Many marketers will advise that your nonprofit’s mission should be communicable in a 280-character tweet, so what would possess a nonprofit leader to spend countless hours writing a 280-page book?

In my 10 years as the president of Buckner International, I have published two books about our nonprofit’s work (The Jesus Agenda and Hope Now), and I am working on a third. While a tweet or an elevator pitch should present a concise, easy-to-digest picture of what your nonprofit does and why, it is impossible to truly capture the inspiring stories of service and perseverance in a few sentences.

We tell the Buckner story by telling Buckner stories — and it is by telling these stories that we illustrate our journey and impact. Writing is obviously a time commitment, something most nonprofit leaders are short on, but I believe there is a great ROI for your organization as well as yourself. However, every leader must evaluate their own goals to determine if a book is the right path for them.

What is the value of writing a book about your nonprofit? Read the rest of the article on Forbes. 

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