Hurricane Harvey: 'It’s a year later, and it still hurts.'

In many ways, what a difference a year makes. The last time we visited with Ruby Rodriguez was days after Hurricane Harvey slammed Southeast Texas, including her home. Even then, she was thinking of others' needs before her own.

Ruby is as positive, inspiring and uplifting as ever, as you can see in the photo at the top of the page. In the year since the storm, she's truly felt the support of the Buckner family. "We’re good. Buckner helped us. Through the whole ordeal, Buckner was with me – emotionally and more."

Storms still make Ruby nervous. But she's optimistic better days lie ahead.

"There are a few blocks back where I drop soccer kids off that you see stacks of drywall," she said. "People are still pulling it out. It’s going to take time to get over it. It’s not about the things we lost. It’s about the fear. It’s not the fear of what would happen to me, it’s the thought of what if something happens to my son and his babies? What about the soccer kids? What about my friends, my coworkers?"

Will you continue praying for those affected by Hurricane Harvey?


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