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Identity in Christ

A devotion on who God says you are

I recently joined a new women’s Bible study. The first night we met we were instructed to go around the circle and tell a little about ourselves. What we do, what we like, where we’re from, etc. I watched as we went around the room and each woman described who they were using a lot of titles. A mom, a wife, a dentist, a runner, a Brazilian, a student …
As I listed my own titles, I started thinking about how we all use these descriptors to form our identities. Certainly part of my identity is from the fact that I am a wife, mother, American, marketer, sister, etc. but maybe these aren’t the most important titles I hold. Maybe I get so wrapped up in being all of these things and who these roles make me that I forget who God says I am.
I too often forget that my identity in Christ is my most important title.

Daughter of the king. Why don’t I use that to describe myself? Our identity in Christ trumps everything else. With it, we are no longer defined by our family, successes, failures or insecurities. In him, we have everything we need to live the life we were called to. All the things we think define us actually have no hold on us. 

"So God created mankind in his own image, in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them." - Genesis 1:27
My identity in Christ says more about him than me. And thank goodness for that. My identity as a daughter of the King is based on a perfect God, not an imperfect sinner. He is mighty and holy and sovereign. And I am his child. Now THAT feels like a powerful identity.  
I’m challenging myself to start every day this week with a reminder of my REAL identity: who Christ says I am. I challenge you to also repeat to yourself that you are a child of God and let that truth preside over your thoughts, words and actions. 

Written by Morgan Russell, director of program marketing for Buckner International.

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