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In midst of foster care crisis, TDFPS asks faith communities to respond

With a growing number of children in foster care and an urgent need for foster families in Texas, the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services (TDFPS) is calling on churches and communities of faith to respond. TDFPS faith-based recruiters have been hosting collaborative meetings and forums with foster care agencies and churches across the state of Texas.

"One of the things we really want to do in reference to the faith community is say we need your help in making sure that children and families feel supported," TDFPS faith-based specialist Val Jackson said at an event in Austin.

Buckner Foster Care and Adoption has joined forces with TDFPS, other faith-based agencies and churches to engage Christians in answering this plea for help. Buckner participates in collaborative meetings and monthly recruiting events in nine markets across Texas—Amarillo, Beaumont, Conroe, Dallas, Longview, Lubbock, Lufkin, Midland and the Rio Grande Valley.

“Decades ago, we depended on the church to care for the hurting and hopeless,” Buckner Children and Family Services Senior Director of Domestic Foster Care and Adoption Samela Macon said. “We cannot forget that our children and their families still need us today.”

While foster families are undoubtedly in high demand, state workers and Buckner staff encourage Christians to support vulnerable children in foster care any way they can. Members of church communities can support families by becoming respite or substitute care providers, providing meals and clothes or becoming a CASA volunteer. Churches can also help by hosting information meetings and encouraging corporate prayer.

“Social services offered through government services have made life better for many who are suffering, but the church ministers to more than physical needs. The church ministers to the spiritual and emotional needs,” Macon said. “We are actively engaged in Kingdom work through our service to the most vulnerable.”

To learn how you can become a foster parent or engage your church in supporting children in foster care in your community, contact Buckner Foster Care and Adoption today.

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