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It's About God

Jacquie Craggett
Rowlett, Texas

“Why should we adopt these two little girls?” We wrestled with this question. We already have four biological daughters and two adopted sons and are supposed to be “empty nesters.”

Is it because: We love children so much? We want to rescue kids that are at risk? God loves orphans and we should too? Other people are adopting? We want to stretch ourselves so we will be more like Christ? We want to stay busy and active? Is it about us? Is it about the children?

All of these questions crossed our mind, but in the end we realized it’s about one thing and one thing only – it’s about God.

Ten years ago, when our daughters were ages 8 through 14, we began caring for children in our home through foster care ministry. God confirmed his desire for us to adopt one boy, and then less than a year later, we adopted his brother. At that time, we were at an age where many of our peers were becoming empty nesters. We did not take the decision to adopt lightly. God clearly confirmed his desire and our life became a new adventure as we added these two rough and tumble boys.

We continued to foster, assuming that our call to adoption was complete. In December 2009, God placed in our minds the peculiar thought that He might ask us to adopt two little girls. Would we be available if he asked us? We wrestled with God for eight months. There were so many reasons this did not make sense. Slowly He unfolded His plan and confirmed His desire, making it ours, and now we are in the process of adopting two more girls, sisters, through foster care.

After almost 25 years of parenting, we are faced with challenges far beyond any we have faced before. There are days when we think, “This is too hard!” But then we see our two little girls, who have been tossed and tumbled from home to home, who are trying to control their little worlds to gain stability, and we realize we can do this. We have to do this. Sure, we have trials and conflicts, but our home is filled with love, laughter and life. There are spontaneous gestures of selflessness and encouraging times of growth. We have great hope as we see God’s redemptive love lived out through us under our own roof.

After we become Christians, we are no longer to live our lives the way we used to live. Our responses, choices, attitudes are now to conform to Christ’s character and His Word. There comes a point in our lives, where following God will be completely unique. God is creating a masterpiece through each of our lives that is one of a kind. This masterpiece will put Him on display. We have to step out of what is safe, what is comfortable, what is understood and approved of by others and do what He asks us to do.We have to remember this is our temporary home. We have such a brief time to be His hands, to love and serve Him.

This is our story.


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