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It's National Volunteer Month

Help build a strong community

April is National Volunteer Month, and at Buckner International, we appreciate all our volunteers around the world. From packing and distributing shoes to vulnerable children to teaching classes and providing child care, Buckner volunteers give of themselves selflessly to help build stronger communities and families. 

But there are also benefits for those who volunteer. 

Volunteering can help you stay mentally and physically fit

Volunteering can be gratifying and can give you a mental boost. Being around other people helps build morale and contributes to feeling more socially connected and part of something greater. It can also help your self-esteem. Often, volunteering is a great way to step out of your comfort zone and build new skills. As you successfully challenge yourself, your self-confidence will continue to grow. 

Evidence also shows that volunteering can be good for your physical health. It can help increase your physical activity, which can increase your overall health, including lower blood pressure.

Volunteering helps you meet new people and learn new things

Did you ever want to get experience in a different industry or activity? Volunteering is a great way to get some exposure to new experiences. In addition, you'll meet some great people in the process. Because you are connecting with other individuals who share your values, you can create more meaningful relationships and increase social interactions.

Taking the step to try something new and volunteer might seem intimidating at first, but you will be part of building a strong community, not only among other volunteers, but with those you are helping as well. 

Volunteering can help reduce stress

When you spend meaningful time with others, it can reduce your own stress levels. When you give of your time, it can help take your mind off your own problems or worries. Volunteering won't erase your own hard times, of course, but by helping out others, it often can give you a new perspective and give you a reprieve from worrying about whatever may be pressing at the moment. 

Volunteering also gives you the opportunity to create change for something you are passionate about. Do you worry about the state of children and families struggling through poverty? You can volunteer for organizations that are helping build strong families. Turn your stress into action and help impact change. 

Are you ready to volunteer?

Volunteers have always been the heart of Buckner's efforts to protect children, strengthen families, transform generations and serve seniors, and it is through you that we are changing lives and shining hope to families. 

If you aren't currently volunteering and want to start making a difference in the lives of families and children, we have some wonderful opportunities for you to get involved.

We especially need volunteers for the following opportunities: 

  • Camp Buckner: Come help the families Buckner serves have a meaningful camp experience. Volunteers are needed to help during meal time, facilitating fun activities and running the camp store.
  • Special Events: Throughout the year, Buckner has several special events, requiring volunteer help to set up, facilitate activities and take down. From holiday parties to other special functions, you can help families have some fun and make meaningful connections. 
  • Child Care: You can help provide child care when parents participate in education and financial classes at Buckner. 
  • Billingual Volunteers: Are you billingual and want to get involved? We need billingual volunteers who can help with families in programs, such as Bible study. 
  • Internships: We have internships available if you want experience in a new field or want to try a new activity. 

You can find all these opportunties and more at our Volunteer Central. Join us in building strong families and transforming generations. 

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