It's World Water Day!

Today is World Water Day, so we thought we'd share a clean water project the Buckner Mexico NGO staff has been working on.

In a project funded by a grant from the Mexican government, fourteen families participating in the "180 Degrees of Difference" program have received these water filtration systems free of charge.

As part of the 180 Degrees of Difference program, a Buckner Mexico social worker supports and checks in with these families, tracking the goals famlies have set for themselves. The primary purpose of 180 Degrees of Difference is to improve the malnutrition statistics among children and families through clean water, nutrition education, family gardens, poultry projects and job skills training.

These families are able to sell clean water to others in their community for 16 pesos ($1.29) for 20 liters. The money they earn is reinvested in the program to make it sustainable. So far, families have sold about 8,700 liters of clean water, helping to offset the operations costs of the program.


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