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Jasper Ventures' strong ties to family motivates their commitment to vulnerable families served by Buckner

More and more, businesses are seeing the value in incorporating giving and volunteer opportunities into their employee programs. There are so many unique ways to align with a nonprofit that fits their corporate culture and passions and in January we’re highlighting a few of the companies that collaborate with Buckner in different, yet amazing ways to impact positive change in our communities. 

Jon Jasper made his first gift to Buckner in 1999 – creating a seed that would bloom for years to come. To date, the family has given over $1,000,000 to Buckner International. What has made it all possible? Jasper Ventures.

From the first gift in 1999 to reaching a million dollars in gifts – how did Jasper Ventures get here?
Over the years, the gifts increased and included gifts made through the Jasper Family Fund, Jasper Legacy Endowment Fund, individual family members and Jasper Ventures. The income generated by their closely held private company, Jasper Ventures, made these generous gifts possible. 

Why is Buckner important to the Jasper family?
The Jaspers dedicated their company to the Lord, and they believe the workplace is their mission field. Supporting Buckner ministries has been a way they’ve aligned their corporate philosophy with kingdom building.

How are Jasper Ventures and the Jasper family involved in supporting Buckner programs?
For many years, they have been the Early Riser Tournament Sponsor at the Texas Bank and Trust Sporting Clays Challenge in Longview – providing both financial support and manpower with volunteers throughout the course. The Jasper family has created multiple grants and endowment funds for both local and international communities. Jasper Ventures’ employees love to participate at Buckner Christmas markets at the Buckner Family Hope Center each year, wrapping gifts and assisting clients with shopping.

What has made this such a great relationship?
They engage with the company owners, employees and family members on a personal level and have even celebrated wedding anniversaries with them. The Jasper family and business are passionate about strengthening vulnerable families – just like Buckner.

Thank you to the Jasper family and Jasper Ventures for continuing to serve alongside Buckner to strengthen and empower vulnerable families! 

Would you like to see your business impact lives? Find out more about how your organization can incorporate giving and volunteer opportunities into your employee program.

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