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Joy in being a foster parent

Foster parent says, 'You aren't going to want to quit'

Paul and Daisy Ledet have fostered 21 children through Buckner Foster Care and Adoption. Starting foster care was like starting over, Paul said, but "once you get the first kid in your house, you can see the difference you make in the life of a child. You aren't going to want to quit." 

Daisy and Paul have always been open to help, and they know the importance of keeping siblings together. When they found out their foster son had a sister in care, they offered their home to her as well. 

"Our heart just opened up. We give more love," Daisy said. "We knew it was important to keep them together." 

Annie Flemon, foster care home developer for Buckner, said Daisy and Paul show the joy of being a foster parent and are making a difference to children in need. 

"The first thing that comes to my mind is knowing the impact you've had on a child or children who pretty much have lost everything," Flemon said. "The joy that you give those children when they don't have a parent to talk to. I believe that the lives of those children who have gone from [the Ledet] home was changed tremendously."

It's National Foster Care Month. See how you can make a difference in the lives of children in need.


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