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Learning the meaning of love

Buckner Family Pathways™ graduate now shows other women they are loved

Connie is a graduate of Buckner Family Pathways™. While in the program, she gained important life skills such as maintaining a clean, safe home for the sake of her mental health as well as for the benefit of her children and grandchildren.
The program also supported her in her dream of going to graduate school.
“Without Buckner, I probably wouldn’t have gone to graduate school,” Connie shared. “The financial situation and hardship that I would have had to encounter would’ve basically made it impossible for me to complete graduate school.”
Connie works in the Downtown Women’s Shelter in Amarillo and credits the hand up she received through the Family Pathways program for setting her up for success to be able to serve and love other women struggling. 
“I learned that love through Family Pathways. They showed me that kind of love,” Connie explained. “When I have a new lady come in [to the shelter], really what I want to stress to her is that we love her. Those words are words most of these ladies have heard, but don’t understand the meaning of.”

Are you a single parent in search of support for your education, career and life goals? Find out more about the Buckner Family Pathways™ program. 

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