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Life, Experienced

Buckner Parkway Place is a community where senior adults are encouraged to continue finding fulfillment through new experiences, passions and purpose. From the moment they move into their new home, residents are guided toward opportunities to improve themselves physically, mentally and spiritually. 

Whether it’s teaching others to paint, volunteering at a hospital, learning Tai Chi or caring for another these experiences challenge residents to fully engage themselves, their community and God. It is the pursuit of our passions and self-improvement that is key to enjoying a “Life, Experienced.” 

Let's meet some of the senior adults who live at Buckner Parkway Place.

Once a month, Tom Burke travels back to his cattle farm in Elgin, Texas, driving the two hours from Buckner Parkway Place to spend a few days reconnecting with the land. Tom is 94, but he still enjoys walking the land to make sure the fences are in good shape and his tenants are continuing to care for the property as well as he did.

Tom was in his 50s when he bought the farm and entered the cattle business, and while he continued to work as an explorationist in the oil and gas industry, the farm gave him something to pass down to future generations of his family – a legacy. Tom believes you live only one life, and if there’s something you think will truly make you happy, then do it - even if it’s as crazy as becoming a rancher in your 50s. 

Fanny Kjeldsen, 82, is not sure when she learned to dance or why. She says that in Columbia, where she was born, everyone dances. It’s as natural as breathing to her. This is likely why whenever music begins to play anywhere in Buckner Parkway Place, Fanny is soon nearby moving her shoulders and swaying her hips. Her favorite styles of dance are cumbia and salsa, and she is happy to teach anyone who would like to learn. For Fanny, dancing makes her happy, and she welcomes the chance to share that happiness.

Merrel Schilling, 96, used to golf on a regular basis, and he was able to enjoy courses all over the country because his job in the steel industry kept him on the move. Merrel is no longer able to make it out to the golf course, so he took on a new challenge and learned how to use a Nintendo Wii, turning to his grandson for some tips. Playing 18 holes of Wii Golf is something Merrel and his friends at Buckner Parkway Place enjoy doing as often as possible, and they even organize tournaments to spark some friendly competition.

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