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Living a life of gratitude

A devotion on thankfulness

God has been speaking to me lately about the word “grateful.” I have been finding this word everywhere I turn. I often hear people complaining about not having enough or things not going their way. I too have been guilty of focusing on lack. As I talk about my lack to God, he keeps prompting me to be grateful for all he has provided.
Gratitude is a transformative word that helps us shift from looking at what we don't have to seeing the abundance of his blessings. When we choose to be grateful, we start to earnestly recognize and appreciate God’s faithfulness. It opens our eyes to his abundant goodness and all the wonderful things we receive and experience on a daily basis.

“Give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.” – 1 Thessalonians 5:18
Being grateful is not limited to favorable situations; but prompts us to give thanks in ALL circumstances. Even when things are not going great – or even good – we can find reasons to be thankful. We can be sincerely appreciative of his presence, his peace and for the lessons learned as we navigate through these trying times.
Our gratitude should flow from realizing we are saved from sin and death through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. We receive his abundant grace, forgiveness and promises of eternal life.
Today, let us focus his goodness and take time to count our many blessings by expressing gratitude to God and the people around us. Gratitude isn't only a momentary feeling but a way of life that produces joy, contentment and a deeper relationship with God and others.

Written by Erin Kelly, director of marketing for Baptist Retirement Community in San Angelo, Texas.

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