LONGVIEW: Heartisans Marketplace offers more than just store goods

LONGVIEW, Texas - Julee Rachels hesitates to talk about herself, making it difficult to determine in what way she developed her acute sense of vision — just how she happens to see what so many others miss.

"It's not about me," she says, repeatedly, but will grudgingly admit that Heartisans Marketplace — which is a store and a job training program for women — was her idea. After learning the details of Heartisans, a visitor cannot imagine it happening without Rachels' foresight.

And what did she see? Nothingness. A void. A hole that was calling out to her to be filled, using the essence of what would become the motto of Heartisans: Love Serves.

Read more about how Julee Rachels and Buckner are helping alleviate poverty among women in the Longview community in the Longview News-Journal.


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