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Loving those you serve

Wes Wells serves as the director of resident experience for Buckner Retirement Services. He’s been with Buckner in various capacities since 1995. Today, as the final segment of our February series “Loving Well,” he’s sharing how when it comes to serving senior adults with the love of Christ, it’s often the seniors who end up doing the serving.

On the surface it may seem like those of us who work with Buckner Retirement Services get professional benefits much like anyone else: a paycheck twice a month and a generous benefit package—all things we appreciate. However, the best benefit isn’t listed on any human resources paperwork. It’s the opportunity to build relationships with this special group of people born from the 1920s to 1950s. 

Our residents have lived through some of the most challenging times in our country’s history, including World War II, the Korean and Vietnam Wars, the Civil Rights movement, the assassination of President Kennedy and many other monumental events. They’ve witnessed man’s first landing on the moon, technological advances they never dreamed of, equal rights and the Houston Astros finally winning a World Series Championship. 

During their lifetimes they’ve also gained infinite wisdom through their own experiences. It’s when we take the time to ask about these experiences and really listen to what they say that the true benefit of working for Buckner Retirement kicks in. 

They are resident experts on what makes a marriage work or not work. They know how to raise kids and grandkids. They know about financial ups and downs, how to survive tragedies, how to dress appropriately for each occasion and even how to set a table for fine dining.

They can make amazing things with needle, thread, yarn and wood. And they really know how to cook and bake! These culinary experts will often cook for us or share a cherished family recipe.  Even better, Buckner communities are filled with many amazing Christians who have testimonies that inspire. 

In fact, there is inspiration to be found in the life of every Buckner resident. Many pray for us daily.  I know this because they tell me so. Loving and honoring these residents, and being loved in return, is by far the greatest benefit to working for Buckner Retirement.


Julie Richards says:
Hi Wes. My name is Julie Richards. I am Keith’s mom. Until recently when Keith asked us to move to Waco near him, he told me you would be the one taking care of us. Sorry we never got to meet you. I just thought you should know, you are off the hook. Keith says you are a great guy. May God bless continue to bless your work.
Janie Pepper says:
I have several friends at Buckner, do it is always good to know what all is going on there. We are happy residents of COLONIAL Village!!

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