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Lubbock student invests in young people walking where he once walked

Six years ago, Sean Davis was a teenager in foster care about to make the intimidating transition onto his own.

After having lived in a group foster home, Sean was at a loss for how to approach his future. His participation in Buckner International’s FYi Center as a foster child gave him the support he needed to apply to college.

Austin Davis, Sean’s younger brother, remembers how much his brother changed after they both entered the foster system.

Before entering foster care, Sean acted like a typical older brother, always annoyed with his antics. After entering the foster care system, he and Sean became much closer despite their six-year age difference.

Sean and Austin were both involved with the Buckner FYi Center. Support from these programs encouraged Sean to go to college and gave him something stable in a shifting environment. He fondly recalls the kindness of those at Buckner and that he never was afraid to ask for help because the case managers were always involved and invested.

Now with a bachelor’s degree in human development in family studies, Sean has returned to Buckner in Lubbock, Texas, as an intern with the FYi Center to provide the same support to others he once received.

Sean said it has been rewarding providing this stability and support as an intern at Buckner while working in the same program and same building that helped shape his life.

After his internship, Sean plans to get his master’s degree in human development and family studies and eventually be a licensed practicing counselor. Although he does not know where he will be working in the future, he is looking forward to continuing to help people.

“It seems kind of stereotypical,” Sean said, “but I really like helping, too.”

Written by Kathryn McCauley, an intern with Buckner International in Lubbock, Texas. 

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