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Meet a social worker: Alejandra Ramos Smith

Meet Alejandra Ramos Smith, a foster care caseworker for Buckner in Midland, Texas. She has been in the social work field for nearly eight years and has worked for Buckner for two years.

She used to be a juvenile and adult probation officer and says in that line of work, her eyes were opened to how many people are victims of environments they didn’t choose or want as children.

“Once these individuals were forcefully exposed (through the court system) to a different world of education, therapy, honest work, etc., they made such an impressive change and were able to provide new opportunities for their families,” Smith says. “I wanted to be part of that change in a more meaningful way and try and break the cycle that many children are forced into.”

She says there are lots of beautiful and meaningful aspects to being a social worker – seeing a child have a breakthrough during therapy, seeing them come to know God or watching a child come to realize and trust that they are safe and cared-for. She also loves to witness the finalization of adoptions,

“Nevertheless, the most meaningful aspect of my job that I have experienced is the beauty of unconditional love that our families provide,” she says. “One family in particular comes to mind as they exemplify the true meaning of love, compassion, understanding, perseverance and dedication to our children. It is a beautiful thing to witness God’s work at hand in every member of this family. Their dedication to the work they do in foster care makes me as an individual strive to do more and better things for our children.”

March is National Social Work Month. Be sure to show your appreciation to any hardworking social workers you know!

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