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Meet Ja'Niya: A teen about to age out of the foster care system

There are more than 7,000 children waiting to be adopted in Texas

Ja’Niya is 17 years old. Soon, she will age out of the foster care system if she is not adopted. 

Though much of her life has been filled with difficult circumstances, that doesn’t define her. She is a young woman who is full of life. Ja’Niya loves to paint, knit, sing and sew. Her favorite thing about herself is her eyes. 

“They’re just regular old brown eyes but I see something cool in them and how they twinkle,” Ja’Niya shared. 

She loves poetry, animals and has strong faith in God. Despite all she’s been through, Ja’Niya has an “optimistic yet realistic” perspective on life. 

“I just try to remember that even though it’s always dark I can always find some kind of light in whatever I do," she said.
Ja’Niya wants to be adopted to “love and be loved.” In Texas, there are more than 7,000 children who are waiting to be adopted just like Ja’Niya. Can you provide a forever family for a child waiting to be adopted? 

November is National Adoption Month. Learn how you can provide hope for children needing a safe, loving home.


Linda says:
My husband and I were so moved with Ja'Niya's story and video, we registered for the November 17th virtual information meeting to see if we would be a fit to meet her and Mary in Beaumont (who already aged out of the foster care system, but would still love to have a family). It was by sheer chance I saw the Buckner commercial and felt the Lord laid it on my heart to explore further.
Buckner Communications says:
Linda - we are so thankful for your sensitivity to the Lord's promptings and so excited for the new adventure for you and your husband in the foster care journey! We are praying for you and will have a case worker reach out to you.

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