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Mexico snapshots: Photos show faces of need, hope

Recently, Buckner Mexico country director Juan Carlos Millan reported his team's efforts to reach families in need during the coronavirus pandemic sweeping through Mexico. Through a series of photos, Millan shared how his team is shining hope through altered strategies and asked for prayer for several families coping with challenges compounded by the pandemic.

Parent education and family teamwork activities

"During the pandemic," Millan said, "We are still working with families through our Buckner Family Hope Centers with different strategies. We follow up by phone and through social networks, sharing stories of values and principles with 55% of families. For the rest who do not have a cell phone, we reach them through local leaders, sending the same information and support." Buckner is providing coaching classes through WhatsApp for families in Family Hope Center programs.

Medicine for families struggling with cancer, diabetes and other diseases

Millan asked for prayer "for the family of Yolanda of Oaxaca, especially for her husband who has been out of work because of the contingency. We pray he will have the necessary opportunities. Her daughter has diabetes."

Buckner has supported the family by purchasing the daughter's medicine.

Buckner also has provided $300 a month in medicine support for the Gonzales family of Mexico State (D.F.). "This family is of limited economic resources, and the only economic provider has a delicate health condition as he has kidney problems," Millan said. "Four grandchildren depend on Mr. Gonzales. They ask for prayer for his health and for strength for his wife Elvira."

Food aid and educational support

Millan said Rosa of Oaxaca, 35, also is asking for prayer. "In the coming 20 days she will have a new baby, so she is asking God that her child be born healthy and grant her the necessary gifts."

Rosa's family is among 59 families receiving food support from Buckner. 

Millan said many parents are struggling to feed themselves and their children. He said mothers like Martha "need our prayers. She is from Santa Ana Zegache Oaxaca and, because of the pandemic situation, she has no job. She asks God for daily food for her and family."

Her situation is not unique, he said. "Irma of Chiapas asks for a prayer for her family." They are going through a bad economic situation, are in extreme poverty, and asks everyone to pray fervently to God that her husband finds a job soon because they and their children are going hungry. Their three children do not go to school, and we are helping them so in the future they can attend and want to study."

Family and faith counseling

Millan asked for prayer for Sara of Chiapas and her family. "She needs spiritual strength to move forward with her 5- and 9-year old daughters after she separated from her husband due to alcoholism and physical violence suffered by the three of them. She also asks to pray that she can find a job and can bring up her daughters in the way she should."

In addition to spiritual support, Sara and her family receive food aid through Buckner.

Family activities and Bible classes

Millan said Buckner Family Hope Centers are providing Bible classes through WhatsApp for families in Family Hope Center programs.

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