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Ministry even a hurricane can't stop

When Hurricane Harvey ripped through Beaumont, Texas, the city received 27 inches of rain in a 24-hour period. Ava Prescott, who cares for children at the Buckner Assessment Center in Beaumont, had to wade through waist-high water with her family to reach safety. The hurricane completely destroyed her home. 

"All I could do was look at my house," Ava said. "And I said, 'Lord, I have faith in you. Please protect me and my family.' And he did." 

When Buckner relocated foster families and residents of the Assessment Center to Camp Buckner out of a concern for their safety and comfort, Ava knew she needed to go with them. 

Even though she faced the loss of her own home, when Ava received the call that the Assessment Center was evacuating the children to safety, she made the decision to answer her call to care. 

"I hung up the phone, and I burst into tears," Ava said. "But then it's like God said, 'Go take care of those kids that you've been taking care of for five years.' This is my job. This is my calling to work with kids. I just can't turn my back on them. That's why I'm here with them. We are a family."  

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