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Mission 2021: Rebuild

A devotion on bringing hope to your community

The book of Nehemiah focuses on the rebuilding of the of the walls of Jerusalem after the Babylonian exile. Nehemiah was the guy in charge and in Nehemiah 6, we discover he was committed to the job God assigned him. His resolve to complete the task was strong. He was focused and not bothered by distractions or interruptions. 

Nehemiah knew the Lord had given him good and honorable work. He would not stop until the wall was finished. When faced with opposition, Nehemiah asked God to strengthen his hands for the work. After the wall was complete, everyone knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that the work had been done with the help of their God (Nehemiah 6:16). 

Rebuilding strong communities after tragedy

Nehemiah was a great leader and an example of how God empowers his people to accomplish great things. Today, the mission is still to rebuild families, neighborhoods and communities. Last year was extremely difficult for many people. Now is the time to rebuild stronger than before. How can you help bring hope to communities that may lie in the ruins of 2020?

You can rebuild hope with God's help

My prayer today is that God would strengthen our hands for whatever work God has given you, because our hands have been assigned a good and honorable work. And whenever we are done rebuilding, I pray everyone around us will know it was done with the help of our God. 

“The God of heaven will himself prosper us; therefore, we his servants will arise and build.” – Nehemiah 2:20

Written by Cheryl Williams, director of the Buckner Family Hope Center at Wynnewood. 

See how you can help vulnerable families in your community. 


Michael EDWARD Saine says:
First Baptist 53 E Main Peru IN 46970 has offered to our congregation the Buckner Advent publication a few time. I found the publication to be extremely well done. For quite sometime I have searched for an orphan ministry to support . Somehow God answered that prayer when I received a Buckner Shoes for Orphan Souls request dated January 25, 2021. There are other notes I might add but I am discovering more about the Buckner Family and hope to soon read Dr Reyes's two books for more background.

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