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Missions to Kenya resume

By Aimee Freston

Buckner International has resumed mission travel to Kenya after halting it in May 2014 due to security concerns.

Several mission opportunities are now available for Kenya including short-term mission trips and Project Go ventures. Short-term mission trips, organized and led by Buckner staff, help churches and groups engage in ministries such as Bible studies, medical or dental trips, humanitarian aid delivery and construction projects. Project Go is a one-month service opportunity for college-aged students that work with Buckner programs to meet the daily needs of orphans, children and families.

The first mission trip scheduled for Kenya is for Project Go participants in May 2015. Other short-term missions are in the process of being scheduled.

“The work going on in Kenya is amazing, and we would love to have teams help meet the needs we haven’t been able to meet for the last year,” said Buckner Director of International Missions Brynn Thompson.

The Buckner Security Assessment Team is constantly monitoring the safety of each country where they serve and works with a security consultant that monitors and provides insight into each service location.

After conferring with Nations Secure, the security consulting firm that advises Buckner on safety situations, and completing a 90-day review period, Buckner has determined that conditions are suitable to resume travel to Kenya for mission work.

“We’re excited that God has opened this door for us to serve in Kenya,” Thompson said. “We’re going to proceed with caution as we do on every trip we take, but we’re thrilled to send teams again.”

Buckner provides comprehensive ministry in Kenya, including a Family Hope Center, schools, medical clinics, residential and foster care and vocational training. All Buckner ministry within the country continued during the temporary halt of mission travel.

“Buckner Kenya ministry has been going on this whole time,” Thompson said. “It’s one example of why the Buckner model is such a great fit because while it wasn’t safe for Americans to be there, Kenyans can keep the work going. The ministry still happens. The kids are still taken care of and poured into, and I’m so thankful for the local staff and their willingness to love and serve these kids.”

For more information on mission opportunities in Kenya and beyond, visit www.buckner.org/missions.


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