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Mother-Daughter Trip Life-Changing, Says One 2011 Volunteer

Buckner Missions is currently seeking volunteers to travel to Honduras August 5-9 on the annual mother-daughter mission trip.

Mother-daughter mission trips offer a chance to bond over shared experiences in an environment like no other.

Barb McDonald and her daughter, Annie, went on the trip to Guatemala last year, when a painful diagnosis prompted Barb to start living out her dreams:

In August 2009 I was diagnosed with stage four colon cancer. I asked my doctor what I should do. He suggested that I live in three-month increments and do all the things I want to do in that time. Annie, my daughter, and I had been discussing going on a trip to serve orphans so I went on the search. I turned to Buckner first because I had heard about Shoes for Orphan Souls trips on our local Christian radio station, KLOVE.

When I explored the website, the mother-daughter trip sounded ideal for us. We had been to Guatemala before and feel in love with the children, so we knew this was a trip that God planned for us.

The Buckner trip was an experience that will forever bond Annie and me together in a new and deeper way. Our faith in a mighty God who calls us to serve the orphans and widows is deepened and filled with hope for the futures of the children we met. Each child, some with devastating stories, had the building blocks for a strong faith because of the work Buckner does in places like this.

With my weakened physical state, I was concerned about the accommodations. The hotel where we stayed was beautiful and a restful retreat after a long and emotional day with the amazing children and mothers of Guatemala.

Buckner answered a dream—one that I always thought would happen later, when we had more money or when we had more time. The cancer diagnosis prompted me to act on our biggest dreams and make them come true. I had a beautiful group of friends who supported us and reminded us that the body of Christ is a blessing. Without their support, it would not have been possible.

Throughout the trip, we bonded no only with the children of Guatemala, but also with the other mothers and daughters and we still keep in touch with most of our group. We were changed forever having done this beautiful trip. We were heartbroken when the translators told us their own stories of struggle and educated us on the state of Guatemalan government, of the corruption and the fight against this corruption. I pray for Guatemala every day and Buckner made it all possible.

Anyone considering this trip will be blessed beyond belief.

Volunteers on the 2012 trip will be serving children and families in the Buckner Honduras Community Transformation Center in El Eden, an impoverished area of the city of Tegucigalpa, as well as children in the Casitas Kennedy orphanage.

They will be working in the Buckner programs adding to the ongoing education, job training and spiritual formation that takes place year round, and acting as mentors to women and young ladies in the community. Volunteers will also distribute new shoes to children.

These trips are not limited strictly to mothers and daughters – grandmothers, granddaughters, godmothers and mother figures are all welcome.

“I looking forward to watching mothers and daughters connect on a spiritual level and expand their worldview together,” said Ashley Marble, trip coordinator. “The influence that will have on their family is priceless.”

Please click here to see a flier with more information about the trip. Or click here to sign up!


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