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National Adoption Month: Meet the McCarthy Boys

The McCarthy family began fostering older boys when they lived in a large home on the Buckner campus in Lubbock. Five years later, the McCarthys now have eight sons. Six of the eight McCarthy boys are in their teens, and three were adopted as older children or teens.

When Damien, AJ and Christian were adopted, the McCarthys stepped in to meet a need that might alter the trajectory of these teens’ lives. Of the children and teens in Texas foster care waiting to be adopted, 43 percent are over the age of 12. These are kids with less than six years as minors before they become adults and face the real world alone if they do not become a member of a forever family.

Today, the McCarthys live on five acres with pigs, chickens and even a basketball court – the ideal environment for boys to be boys. And each son with his unique personality and gifts fills a specific role on the family farm.

Meet each of the eight McCarthy boys, according to Mom and Dad.

Jordan, 18

Mom says: Jordan is very sweet and independent.

Dad says: He’s a hard worker.

Damien, 16

Mom says: Damien is our class act. He’s very sweet, well-mannered. He’s very good with the little ones, especially with headstrong Jaxson.

Dad says: He likes to play basketball. He’s very smart.

Bailey, 15

Mom says: Bailey has been playing basketball for many years.

Dad says: He goes to state and nationals. Our gentle giant. That’s how we describe him because he’s as tall as me.

AJ, 15

Mom says: AJ is our muscular boy. He wants to be a marine. He’s a really good worker, too.

Dad says: He’s very fast.

Christian, 13

Mom says: Christian is quiet and reserved. He has such a heart for Addison*.

Dad says: He’s more mellow. He likes to watch TV or play video games.

Garrett, 13

Mom says: Garrett is another hard worker.

Dad says: He’s quiet, too. He can be soft-spoken.

Jaxson, 5

Mom says: Jaxson is a spunky, high-energy, hard-headed ball of fire.

Dad says: He’s 100 miles per hour all day long until he goes to sleep. He also has to do everything himself. Very stubborn.

Easton, 4

Mom says: Easton is our sweet. He’s funny and silly. I wouldn’t say he’s quiet.

Dad says: Easton? No. He won’t stop talking.

*Name changed to protect privacy

To learn how you can become a forever family to adolescents and teens who need one, contact us here.

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