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National Adoption Month: We're in this together

Thank you for allowing us to introduce you to the McCarthy family. They – along with all of our foster, adoptive and respite care families who give of themselves to become a refuge for vulnerable children – are heroes to us. 

David and April McCarthy accomplish great and small feats of love and sacrifice for the many children in their care every day. But they would be the first to say, they couldn’t – and wouldn’t want to – do it alone.

“What helps is being friends with other foster families through Buckner. That kind of support group has been great,” David shared. “We’ve built relationships here over the years. To have that extra support – someone to talk to that can understand what we’ve been going through – that has definitely helped.” 

According to our gifts and our seasons of life, we all have a role to play in caring for children in need of love and safety. You don’t have to be a foster family to be a part of the network of support for foster and adoptive families. 

As we wrap up National Adoption Month together, be encouraged to find a way you can give back to foster and adoptive families in your own community: your church, schools and neighborhood. Don’t know where to start? Here are some ideas to help you get moving.

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