National Foster Care Day: We can all play a part

Today is National Foster Care Day, a day to bring celebrate foster parents and bring awareness to how the community can come together to support foster children and youth. 

There are over 34,000 children in foster care within Texas, and we can all play a part in enhancing the lives of the children and youth who are in need of a loving home.

Inside The Valley's Gabriela Garza recently spoke with Buckner Director of Foster Care in the Rio Grande Valley Nelida Tristan about the importance of raising awarenes of the need for foster homes. 

Whether through fostering or supporting foster families, everyone can do something to help a child in foster care in their own community. Find out more about the need for foster families and how you can get involved

If you're ready to find out more about becoming a foster parent, attend an informational meeting in your area.



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